Gaudi Vision

The building services we provide are delivered in the spirit of sheer quality. This is the vision,should any Builders in Surrey one, which animates our work, a belief we stick to in order to offer outmost satisfaction to our clients from Surrey and around SW London. The quality of our services is reflected not only by the overall result of the work: we know details make the difference, which is why we pay equal attention to minute factors.

We work with the most demanding client in mind: we spare no efforts, no costs, no materials, no manpower and we skip no phases, precisely in view of meeting the quality expectations of our customers. In truth, we belong to the upscale segment of the specific market of services, but prices only reflect our dedication, our real interest in providing the client with the highest quality and, it goes without saying, the achieved quality of the finished work.

Are you Looking for Builders in Surrey

Gaudi Construction boasts a 10-year experience and activity in Surrey and South-West London, which has brought the company considerable expertise in refurbishment and construction at professional level.

The hundreds of projects we have successfully completed since the beginning of our affirmation in the refurbishment, functional home extension and loft conversion trade recommend us as topnotch solution, our company being able to approach and complete the most challenging refurbishment and building projects.

Regardless of customers’ reasons (personal needs, tastes, lease), we undertake to turn clients’ vision of home extension in concrete functional achievements, employing a team of experts in the field able to offer the best quality solutions to fit one’s specifications and, equally important, budget.

Our profile, local Builders in Surrey, prestige, vision, former clients’ satisfaction and public liability insurance – all these speak about the excellence that defines our work overall as well as in detail, from the first step of the project to the impeccable finish touches.

What we do?

Basically, we do everything related to construction and refurbishing for clients in need of functional home extensions and loft conversions. From heavy-duty works (phases ranging from demolition to the laying of foundations) to handyman tasks and finishing, our team of highly experienced tradesmen puts up with all the phases and challenges entailed by the construction project.

Each worker is fully qualified to carry out the works they are signed to do, and their skills match not only the complexity of the job, but also the level of quality you expect them to deliver. Our team of reliable professionals is completely insured, but in order to further reassure you of the result of the work they carry out, you are offered the quality guarantee which binds us to work out any possible, though less likely, flaws or shortcomings the team is responsible of.

About the price

Since our very beginnings, we have believed there is no point in compromising when it comes to quality. We don’t settle in respect of quality. We don’t sacrifice excellence for the sake of reducing costs, nor do we prioritise quantity over value. This policy has placed us on the higher end segment of the specific trade. We don’t regret it; on the contrary, we actually love to have the quality of our services reflected by the price.