Why build an extension?

Homeowners can be motivated by any number of reasons in order to embark on a home extension project, may it be a DIY project or a job done by a hired team of professionals.

Space-related reasons

At some point, space might become insufficient: your very home can no longer accommodate our needs. If the idea of changing the functionality of the already existing domestic space does not appeal to you, building extensions is the obvious solution. May it be more storage space, a new guestroom, a summer kitchen, a new playroom for your children, a personal gym or office, all such functional rooms can be added to the existing structure of your home through the construction of an extension.

Added value and other price-related reasons

Functional home extensions enhance real estate value. The increase can go up to 25%, depending on a number of factors (size of extension, quality of the work, location, etc.). This is an advantage homeowners can definitely benefit from if they intend to sell or rent.

On top of that, if the need of more space is what motivates you primarily, extending your home is less pricey than buying a new house all together, or from renting separate functional rooms in other locations, or from building a new house from scratch.

Outlook-related reasons

Home extensions, if carried out carefully from an architectural point of view, can enhance the look of the property. Depending on the case, they can bring more symmetry or turn the original home architectural concept into a completely different design, especially if the extension plan of the domestic space is complemented by a restoration project. At the same time, homeowners enjoy the functionality they so long desired.