27 February 2017
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House insulation – External Solid Wall Insulation

House insulation system

– insulate your house Solid walls
Do you own an old house without cavity wall where is cold and would you like to pay less for your gas bill?
Is your facade ugly bricks, crack wall or your paint house is flaking?

Here we are offering an logic solution for all your above question with a brand new home exterior design – External Wall Insulation system.

This is a long term investment! You can cut your LOSS by 40% and you will be able to save money from Gas Bill or Electric (depends by your heating system), hence the solid wall external insulating system cost will be pay off itself in couple of years.

You can choose either to go for an internal home insulation system but we recommend that the external walls to be insulated.

Advantage of exterior home insulating

  • no mess in your house;
  • no modification to your internal walls (if you want internal home insulation you need to repaint all rooms that will be insulated);
  • complete insulating system to your entire house;
  • new look for your house (you can chose from a variety of colours).

External home insulation Step by Step

  • External wall insulation (EWIS) start with a layer of polystyrene blocks. For this project the client was agreed with 100mm polystyrene blocks thickness – dot and dab technique is required for uneven surfaces and to create an air room;
  • the polystyrene blocks are secured with plastic insulation anchor (plug);
  • a primer for polystyrene is applied;
  • a coat of adhesive is applied;
  • fibreglass mesh applied;
  • a sand based primer will be applied;
  • last coat – Silicate-silicone decorative paint / render.

You can select any colour you dream for your house. We have a various range of colour paint where you can choose from.
Pictures below in a House insulation in Wembley

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