Why build a loft conversion in London?

Loft Conversion Surrey Hampton Court ensuite bathroom

A Loft conversion London rival home extensions because the idea of making use of a previously unused space is very appealing to homeowners. Loft conversions actually better home extensions in popularity when it comes to home improvement solutions because, even if the increase in property value is not as high, costs are believed to be, on average, implicitly lower.

Space-related reasons

Homeowners don’t always make the best of the space they have at hand in their own houses. Attics are sometimes abandoned, but the idea of turning them into functional rooms – may it be a gym, office, or a bedroom even, installed under the roof – makes its way through: the need for more space is likely to occur in time (changes in lifestyle, in the number of family members, in occupation, etc.)

Added value and other price-related reasons

In terms of added value, loft conversions enhance your property with an average of 10%. While slight, this figure can bring extra satisfaction in the event of a house sale. Other financial advantages are, however, to be taken into account. For instance, loft conversions are generally less expensive than home extensions. Moreover, even if having your attic transformed into a functional space by a team of professionals is recommended, this manner of improving your residence is easier to do by title of DIY job.

Outlook-related reasons

No more grim spaces in your house! The attic can be turned into a pleasant refuge if the job is carefully done: the right finishing, exquisite dormers, state of the art roofing, all these boost up the look of your residence, both on the inside and on the outside.

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