How long will a loft conversion take?

We need six weeks to complete a loft conversion project. That is, a typical conversion project. In terms of working hours, we are usually active on site between 7.45am and 5.50pm. But we are also flexible, which means we can reconfigure our program according to clients’ preferences. For the entire duration of the contract, our team will be on site taking care, amongst others, of the delivered materials (most of the materials will be delivered to the working site, during the day, so clients won’t have to bother themselves to put up with this aspect).

I myself will be on site most of the times, making sure everything is in place and goes as planned. In case we need to extend the duration of the contract due to unpredictable aspects (such as weather conditions), I will personally keep clients posted with such events. In fact, one of the tasks I undertake is to let clients know about the progress of the work at each stage.

Keep in mind the efficiency of our work and the quality of our results is owed to our thorough dedication: we never sign up to compete two projects at a time, each client enjoys our undivided attention.