Loft conversion price

There are too many variables to take into account. Such variables make it impossible, or, at least, difficult to establish a generally applicable amount paid for loft conversion works, even on average. That’s why we can only provide a wide range of figures: costs usually range between £14,000 and £40,000. We speak here of full-scale loft conversions we execute with utter accuracy and dedication.

Just like the duration of a project, its price depends on what kind of work needs to be done and on its amplitude. Details like setting up a ladder, a hatch, beams and the like only amount to some £1000 (the work can be completed in only one day). It is an investment one is definitely recommended to make, since even if it does not boost up the property value considerably, such finishing touches help sell the house more quickly.

Keep in mind prices also vary by region. Thus, when compared to other regions of the UK, where the average stabilizes between £20,000 and £30,000, in areas like London, Richmond and Twickenham prices paid for loft conversions tend to settle around an average of £40,000.