Painting one’s house, trims and other types of surfaces (interior and exterior alike) seems to be the simplest, the most cost efficient and time efficient home improvement solution. The financial benefit seems to be the most stimulating, but other advantages can be enjoyed by homeowners, counting here practical and personal satisfaction-related pluses.

Why painting your home?

Price-related reasons

Though slight, the increase in property value brought by merely painting walls and other surfaces is real. The actual increase in real estate value is complemented by the increase in appeal: painted houses simply enhance curb appeal, which means the chance of drawing attention and interest is considerably improved.

By far, painting is the most cost-efficient home improvement solution. For a DIY job, homeowners must invest, on average, several tens of pounds (depending on the quality of the chosen paint). It they turn to experts’ services, the price amounts to £1,500 to £3,000 for 1,500 feet of remodeled surface, variations being determined by the quality of the paint. Having a room repainted by tradesmen, for instance, costs around £300. Obviously, this measure is the least expensive of all the other home improvement alternatives homeowners might have in mind.

Health-related reasons

We speak here of low VOC and zero-VOC paints and finishes. Such solutions enhance air quality by reducing odors and fumes, and by preventing the buildup of dust and dirt. High quality paints, like Benjamin Moore and Kelly Moore, help create safe, healthy indoor environments.

Protection and ease of look improvement reasons

Choosing paint over other solutions helps homeowners get rid of stains and marks impossible or difficult to remove, both on the interior and the exterior surfaces, in a cost and time efficient manner. On top of that, paint acts like a barrier against detrimental factors, such as moisture from rain, snow and ice. Thus, painted indoor and outdoor surfaces defy the damaging action of the most extreme weather conditions and domestic factors.

Aesthetic and outlook-related reasons

Beautiful homes exude an air of coziness. Of all the alternatives available, painting is the simplest and the least expensive solution of enhancing the outlook of a house. In order to create the impression of a bigger space, bright and light colors are in place. With a full range of variously tinted paints at hand, homeowners can create peaceful restful rooms, or vibrant spaces for playing and energetic activities, as well as all the variations in between.

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