Exterior House Painting Costs

As expected, prices paid for exterior house painting are a little higher than interior painting. Usually, installations (ladders, scaffolding) are needed to be able to cover the entire surfaces and to work with complete accuracy on each detail. That’s why hiring professional painters or teams is the way to go if you want impeccable results.

The need to hire professionals is complemented by other factors which increase the final price. Again we speak here about the side and the type of the surface, the type of paint and the number of layers of coating.

Or team paint all sorts of surfaces: from metal to wood, your ceilings, doors, window frames, skirting, furniture and stairs are guaranteed to obtain a new enhanced look. We encourage our clients to turn to our services by offering a 10% discount for all online bookings, because we know that when discounts meet quality, the offer is simply irresistible.

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