Painting is not only the quickest and the simplest home improvement solution. It is also the least expensive.

Average Cost to Paint a House
When establishing the budget for a painting project, homeowners must factor in several aspects:
• The size of the property
• What type of paint you use
• How many coats you apply
• The price for employing a team of specialized tradesmen

Cost of Painting a Room
The size of the property, the type of paint, the coats applied and the employed team are the factors which round out the price for a room painting project. WhatPrice applies the following average prices, provided that the professional painter they send applies two layers of coating:

Room Size (L/W/H Meters)
Average Paint and Labor Cost:

  • 3x3x3 – £200
  • 4x5x3 – £300
  • 4x6x3.5 – £400

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