Tips to a DIY painting job

In order to get the outmost effect of a DIY kind of painting job, one needs to understand the importance of the preparation stage. Before applying the paint proper, surfaces must be covered with primer. While this step might seem unnecessary, it is crucial for homeowners who count on the durability of their work. Thus, applying primer insures the longevity of the paint layer.

Due to their formulation, primers stick to all sorts of surfaces. It also acts like a sealing membrane which does not allow the colors or stains of the covered surfaces to migrate into the finishing layer of paint. Paint adheres more easily to primer than it does on bare, unprepared surfaces.

On top of that, primers tinted with the same hue as the finishing paint coating guarantee the accuracy of the final color. One doesn’t need to apply multiple layers of paint in order to achieve the intended color: that means the final price for the home improvement project is even lower.

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